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The “Making Airwaves” project is a partnership between Windgap Foundation and Eastside Radio 89.7 FM. “Making Airwaves” is an opportunity for people with an intellectual disability to learn radio presentation and production skills, creating their own radio show. The project has brought together a diverse group of  people to share stories, news, views, interviews, humour, insights and music to listeners across the City of Sydney and Eastern Suburbs. Weekly sessions build up radio skills: how to use a microphone, structure a radio show, research and prepare questions for interviews, announce the weather, the news, and have fun in the studio putting it all together with a selection of music.  One of the highlights of the course is the DJ workshop, when professionals DJs drop in to share their skills and experience, and members of the Making Airwaves team learn how to mix and scratch.


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Tony Smythe, the manager of Eastside is enthusiastic about the partnership and has built a good rapport with the team:  “We love looking beyond the boundaries of traditional broadcasting to enable anyone who wants the opportunity to present on air a chance to fulfil their dream. The role of community stations like Eastside Radio is to ensure our open door policy extends to all aspects of the community providing a true reflection of the society within which we live.”

Windgap Foundation  was recognised as a finalist in the NSW Disability Industry Innovation Awards 2013 in the  innovative partnerships category. Serhat Oguz, Windgap’s CEO, fully supports and encourages innovation at Windgap, “Speaking out on radio is a big step out of your comfort zone for anyone,  and I am impressed by the team’s confidence and how quickly they are learning.  I hope that community partnerships such as “Making Airwaves” will increase as we respond to the roll out of the NDIS.”


What participants say about their experience?

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“I am  proud of myself and proud of the guys.”

“great group of people”


“looking  forward to making $$$ (lots of it!)”

“I feel so confident”


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A Big Thank You To

Our sponsors:  Community Sector Banking, Bendigo Bank, East Side Radio, Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation, Rode Microphones, Bondi Pavilion (Waverly Council) and our past and present volunteers.


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