Our Ambassadors


undefinedMatt King

Former Rugby League Player

Matt King is a former professional rugby league footballer for National Rugby League(NRL) team, the South Sydney Rabbitohs and is former New South Wales State of Origin and Australian international representative. Matt King joined Windgap Foundation as an ambassador in the beginning of 2014.

In early 2014, Souths Cares invited Windgap staff members and clients for an enjoyable training session with Matt King and his several teammates. Since then, Matt has been involved in Windgap’s fundraising events and initiatives as well as in organizing footy sessions with his teammates for Windgap’s clients and supported employees.

Matt King has been a respected member of the Rugby League world and now of Windgap Foundation and we believe he is a great asset in raising awareness and spreading our mission to the community at large.

“Windgap is a great organisation that makes a difference to the lives of so many people. I’m always inspired by the achievements of the guys” – Matt King

Dimitrios (Jim) Krallidis

Director of DSK Kitchens & Furniture

Windgap Foundation was successful in receiving a government grant to build a new kitchen for the Transition to Work initiative in the beginning of 2013. Dimitrios (Jim) Krallidis is a director of DSK Kitchens & Furniture and after visiting to quote and measure the kitchen, Jim was moved by what he saw, people he met and he was inspired to make a generous contribution.

Jim’s generosity, along with that of his friends and acquaintances turned our kitchen into the ‘DSK Hospitality and Learning Center’ which is now utilised by the Transition to Work Program.  Through this facility, Transition to Work clients enjoy learning new hospitality skills and supplying lunches to their peers and staff at Windgap’s head office. The centre was later launched as “The Tukka Box Café” which was named by the Windgap clients.

Jim’s high standing in the community and his passion for Windgap values makes him the perfect person to champion the Windgap cause as an ambassador.


Sue Wright

Manager of Boland Funerals Maroubra

Sue is the manager of Boland Funerals, Maroubra. As the manager of a funeral home that prides itself on helping our community, Sue stated: “I was looking for not just a sponsor opportunity, but something that I felt a personal passion towards. I found that opportunity when I saw the advertisement for Windgap in the Southern Courier” and she added:

“My passion for the Windgap organisation started when I was a small child, unbeknown to me at the time. My cousin Christine was born with Down’s syndrome in the 1950’s. Her parents loved her and took very good care of her, as is the case with many people that are born with challenges similar to her’s there were some health issues as well. However at that time in history people thought that the best practise would be that children with these disabilities would be best to be to keep the child as close to home as possible. Christine had a wonderful time with her mother at Bingo and social clubs and was a very happy teen/young lady.

Unfortunately when Christine was still a young lady, both her parents passed away within 6 weeks of each other. This meant that her older sister needed to take care of Christine’s needs. Christine also had to move away from the area she knew and to Newcastle. She had a young family of her own and didn’t have the time to give Christine the one on one care that she was getting. Even though this seemed very sad for her, this in turn was a great opportunity for Christine’s growth. My cousin, Chrstine’s carer, sourced a wonderful group similar to Windgap that gave Christine the opportunity to become social and self sufficient. Christine learnt to be independent and lived in shared accommodation similar to Windgap. She could count, shop and clean just as well me!!! Christine met another chap in her group and fell in love. They married and made a life for themselves with their friends in their shared house until Christine passed away from heart complications when she was 60. Christine would not have had the life she did if it wasn’t for the love, facilitation and care that a group similar to our Windgap group gave her. For that I am forever grateful, and because of that I am a proud ambassador for the Windgap Foundation.” – Sue Wright


Paul Graham

President of Mascot RSL Sub – Branch Club

Paul Graham, a life member, former Chairman and Director of Windgap was appointed as an Ambassador in 2015.

Paul was Chairman of the Board of Windgap from 1986 to 1987 and he was reappointed to the Board in June 2007. He served as a Director and acted in an advisory capacity relating to Windgap properties. He has been involved with the foundation for over 30 years. Paul worked in the event logistics industry for over 25 years which included working on four Olympic Games. He is a British war veteran with over 15 years of service in the Royal Navy and he was appointed as the President of the Royal Naval Association (NSW). He is currently the president of Mascot RSL Sub – Branch Club and served as a Deputy Mayor of Botany Council.

Paul continues to support Windgap in a great capacity by engaging with the community to bring awareness and with his involvement in initiatives, events and celebrations such as: Windgap Warriors Soccer Team, St Patrick’s Day and Remembrance Day.

“I have great belief of ensuring that clients and supported employees of Windgap have a great chance of succeeding in life” – Paul Graham


Victor Tombs 

(NSW 2014 Don’t DIS my ABILITY Ambassador)

After 40 years of working at Windgap’s Business Services as a supported employee, Victor is now enjoying retirement through participating in the Transition to Retirement Program. Victor enjoys singing and is a member of The Diamond’s choir. He is also an accomplished painter and has received several awards for his work which have been shown at art exhibitions across the Eastern Suburbs. Victor spends his weekends with his partner Michelle and supporting his beloved South Sydney Rabbitohs.

“It makes me feel happy to be an ambassador. My carer said Victor is the new ambassador and everyone clapped for me, everyone was happy for me. I am a voice for Waverly council where I live and for Windgap as well. When people have problems, they all come to me now. I met all the other ambassadors, they all come from different places. They asked me to make them a painting. I put my hand up to be an ambassador and they took photos of me and put them on magazines, it was really nice”. Victor Tombs