Residential Services

Residential Services

“The decision to have my son live in a Windgap house was a hard one. It makes me so happy to see him love his home and where he lives. It is great to have him come and stay at the family home but he is so keen to go back to Windgap. I am so glad his father and I made the decision to have him live in a group home.” 
Amy Heap

The Windgap Foundation’s Residential Services is currently made up of 7 group homes, located within the Botany, Randwick and City of Sydney council areas – housing 28 residents. The aim of our Residential Services is to support its residents with an intellectual disability to live as independently as possible within the local community. 

The Windgap Foundation aims to assist each individual to the best of their personal ability. Therefore, Windgap staff members support residents by helping them build their individual skills. Windgap’s Residential Services aim to teach residents as much independence and empowerment as is suitable to assist them throughout their whole lives – not just when they are part of Windgap’s Residential Services.

The Residential Services staff support residents in a number of ways. This can range from assisting with travel and participation in activities, housework, washing, cooking, shopping, maintaining bedrooms, maintaining relationships with family or facilitating with any issues important for each particular resident. During an average week a resident can be assisted to participate in a number of programs either individually or as part of a group.


These programs may include:

  • Music programs with local community groups;
  • Exercise programs for people with disabilities, including Zumba classes, basketball, swimming, soccer and bowling;
  • Art programs run by a professional tutor, with art works created and exhibited within the broader community;
  • Saturday ‘club night’ to see live bands.

All group homes are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Residential Services is currently undertaking a Reconfiguration Project which involves renovating all sites. Rosters for staff vary depending on the needs of the residents of each house.