Windgap Foundation is always striving above and beyond for our clients. We listen very carefully to their needs and wants, and where possible provide them with the extra opportunities and resources to make their dreams and ambitions come to fruition. In order to facilitate new programs and innovate, we are reliant on the kindness of sponsors and the community. This is why our clients have been exposed to some truly memorable and unique experiences.

As a sponsor, you can continue this great tradition by taking the opportunity to help launch a new initiative that changes the lives of our clients; be it through upskilling them in areas of life they are seeking, or exposing them to an activity they have long wanted, but did not have the opportunity to partake in thus far. Help us build a more inclusive society for all by becoming a Corporate Sponsorship Partner.

A partnership with Windgap Foundation is mutually beneficial and provides numerous benefits for your organisation, staff and the community. Sponsoring Windgap is the start of a lifelong friendship.


  • Leaving a lasting legacy in the community and bringing many smiles to our amazing clients
  • Demonstrating your corporate social responsibility, community participation, support and goodwill.
  • Supporting Windgap yields a number of positive brand associations to your business and helps connect closer with your community.
  • Inspire and raise the spirits of your staff. Your generosity brings some sunshine and happiness to your offices and has been proven via numerous empirical studies to result in better participation, productivity and loyalty from team members


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