What is the NDIS?

Good question!

The NDIS is a big deal, and it means a lot of changes to the way we do things. With the NDIS, funding goes straight to the person with a disability who can use it on things that they need and want. This means more choice and control in how they are supported. This is a National scheme and is for all Australians, which means you can use your funding with any service in Australia. Your funding travels with you!

Before the NDIS

Pre NDIS Diagram

The first image shows how the old system works. Funding is given to service providers to help people. But a lot of people weren’t getting the help they needed.

The NDIS puts the person with a disability in control. They can pick their goals, and choose the people and services they want to help them. Want to see what this looks like?

With the NDIS

With he NDIS Diagram

This image shows how the NDIS will work. Funding goes straight to the person who needs the help. They now get to choose what services they get and from whom.

The NDIS cannot be explained with two images however! So if you have any questions about your situation, please visit our ask us a question tab and ask Ian, our NDIS change manager.

Unless it’s already been answered in our FAQ section or on our new NDIS blog – The Change Room.