Why Choose Windgap

why choose windgap

Caring, Independence, Integrity, Empowering, Innovation

The words “impossible” or “too hard” don’t exist in our vocabulary. Every single day, in so many different ways, we dedicate ourselves to offering every opportunity to our amazing clients. We are carers, friends, and advocates. We listen, we respond, we love and we innovate.

Windgap is one of the oldest, most recognised and strategically focused Support Service Providers in NSW. We have played a very important and historical role in the progression of Disability rights, not only in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, but across NSW, stemming from our humble origins in 1953, when a group of parents had been denied schooling for their children and identified a requirement to address this. Motivated to make a difference, the group collectively purchased a residence in Coogee and named it “Windgap”. Since then, Windgap has become well recognised within the community, not only for its outstanding track record, but also because of the variety and quality of services it provides. That same energy and enthusiasm to create positive change in the community is still everpresent, with the aim of seeing our society become truly inclusive and embrace the ability of those with a disability.

Windgap has received significant widespread acclaim for its progressive approach to service delivery and industry best practice, particularly in its truly person-centred approach to reflecting the needs, wants and aspirations of its clients.



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Windgap Mission Statement

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Windgap continues to strive for excellence in service delivery through recognising the need for continuous employee learning, development and growth, along with prudent financial stewardship to carry out Windgap’s mission, which is:

‘To improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities by supporting them in reaching their full potential and raising community awareness as to their needs and aspirations.’

Windgap’s Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) and Growability Service have certification in two internationally accredited standards



Family Testimonial

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“My sister Diana Sisa has been with Windgap for a very long time. Since it operated (only) as a school for the intellectually disabled in Mount St Coogee.
Recently, Di has not been well and has needed to spend most of the last 2 weeks with me, we’ve needed to see doctors, have tests/scans etc. in preparation for a procedure in hospital. Diana couldn’t wait to get back to her residence at Tweedmouth to be with the other clients she lives with and to attend her Day Care Centre at Cass Draper, Daniel St Botany. She loves her life and friends/the people she associates with at Windgap/carers etc. And obviously the activities provided for her through the Day Programs. She has a better social life than I do!

I called Tweedmouth today to see how she was. I was told that she seemed better and was in a very happy mood…hearing that reduced my stress levels and health concerns regarding Diana’s currents issues, and made me happy too. It was such a relief for me! I do not know how either of us would manage without the care and support that Windgap provides for clients and families similar to Diana.

Thank you to all the wonderful and dedicated people who make Windgap such a very special organization who truely champion the cause of those with an intellectually disability”.

Michelle Sisa



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