Our Wish List

Windgap offers a wide range of services and therefore benefits from a variety of donations in kind.

Windgap Garden Project

Windgap currently has a garden project! We are upgrading our garden at head office and require the following donations:

  • small  to large pot plants / trees (including herbs, fruit and vegetables)
  • small to large pots
  • solar powered water feature
  • garden accessories

Small items

  • DVD players
  • DVDs and movies
  • Sports gear:
    • Orbit Tennis Set (the pole with the ball on the string)
    • Kanga Cricket Set (plastic for safety purposes)
    • Portable pop-up soccer nets and markers
    • Football, soccer ball, basketball + a pump that works for them all!
    • A beach volleyball set…plus volleyball!
    • A couple of boogie boards
  • Bean bags
  • Massage pillows
  • Computer Watch Guard Program
  • Musical instruments:
    • A keyboard with stand
  • Pin boards
  • Art supplies:
    • Anything and everything!
  • Soft furnishings:
    • cushions, small rugs, etc.
  • Picture frames for art works and photos
  • Wii Fit packages
  • Digital friendly and SMART TV packages
  • Kitchen appliances e.g.:toaster, microwave, kettle, slow cooker, blender, food processor, etc.
  • House items e.g.: dinner wear, pots and pans, ironing board, etc.
  • Heavy duty vacuum cleaners
  • Cameras – preferably Nikon Coolpix S9100
  • Ipad/s
  • Mac PowerBook (laptop)
  • New BBQ for site
  • Air hocky table
  • Plastic storage containers – for program resources
  • Hammocks


Bigger items

  • Lounges : 2-3 seaters
  • Stereo
  • New cars
  • Outdoor living furniture packages – including BBQ
  • We are currently renovating 5 more properties so assistance with the refit would be greatly appreciated
  • Basketball/hoops machine

A company can assist us to:

  • Built in wardrobes
  • Window coverings
  • Landscaping and outdoor living design of each –  sensory garden
  • Worm farm
  • Chicken farm

Furniture for all renovated sites – lounges, office fit out, dining table, chairs, etc.

Our Transition to Retirement Program would like the following: