September is Buddy Month!

Buddy Month at Windgap

The effects of COVID-19 have presented Windgap with some challenges and restrictions to our usual programs and services. It is difficult not being able to do all the things that we love. To help, Windgap has launched ‘Buddy Month’.

Buddy Month is happening all throughout September and is all about supporting our well-being and ensuring we stay connected and look out for each other. It is also about looking after ourselves and making sure we stay connected to our friends and family.

During September, Windgap have planned some exciting events and initiatives for participants and staff, to keep us all connected while we are working and spending most of our time at home. Each Friday during September, participants, residents and staff will be emailed new online activities that Windgap have planned for the following week, so we can all stay active and talk to our buddies.

Please remember that if you’re struggling and ever need to talk to someone, please reach out to your friends, family members, supervisor or colleagues.

We ask that everyone support each other during this time. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Our reception and email is monitored closely during business hours:

Phone(02) 8337 3600

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