Making Airwaves Radio Program Sponsorship

With your help, we can make a difference

Making Airwaves Program Sponsorship


Empowering adults with disabilities to reach their full potential and ensure continued learning, supporting independence, skills development and participation opportunities.

Outcomes of this sponsorship include:


  • A voice for intellectually disabled adults, allowing them to discuss their interests, hobbies and challenges or issues within the community;
  • The opportunity to learn new skills and capacity building to further develop language, literacy and numeracy skills;
  • Building social and communication skills, confidence and self-esteem;
  • Enhance and encourage creativity – this program is a great outlet for our participants to express new ideas; and
  • Opportunities to interview and meet new people, participate in the community and have fun!

Our Wish list programs, equipment and initiatives are all about providing Windgap participants the opportunity to become more empowered, independent, develop life skills, and participate in meaningful ways within the community.

Each Wish List item comes with a sponsorship package which includes promotional and PR opportunities to recognise your involvement and support of Windgap.

If you are interested in supporting people with intellectual disabilities, please get in touch with us below.

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