Sensory & Active Living Garden Project

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Urgent Call to Action: Empower and Transform Lives with the Windgap Sensory and Active Living Garden Project

At Windgap, we believe in creating spaces that empower and enrich the lives of adults with intellectual disabilities. Our community day program at 8 Florence Ave, Eastlakes, is more than just a facility; it’s a hub of opportunity where program participants engage in a variety of activities from cooking and gardening to educational classes and art.

Transforming Spaces, Transforming Lives

Our mission is to revitalise our 450 sqm garden space, transforming it into an inclusive, stimulating Sensory and Active Living Garden. This project isn’t just about beautifying a space; it’s about reshaping our environment to cater to the needs and wellbeing of our participants and staff.

Who Will Benefit?

On any given day, approximately 44 program participants, including 11 who use wheelchairs or walkers, alongside around 25 program and service staff, frequent our site. Additionally, participants and staff from other Windgap locations will enjoy this rejuvenated garden.

Our Vision: A Garden for All We’re not just creating a garden; we’re fostering an environment of inclusivity and accessibility:

Inclusivity and Accessibility: Redesigning the garden to be welcoming and accessible for all, especially those with intellectual disabilities.
Enhancing Wellbeing: A space that promotes physical and mental health through outdoor recreation.
Social Interaction and Community Building: Encouraging stronger social connections among participants.
Therapeutic Environment: Utilising the therapeutic benefits of gardening for sensory stimulation, relaxation, and stress reduction.
Honouring Memories: Preserving the garden’s role as a memorial space, honouring past community members.
Educational and Skill Development: Creating opportunities for learning and skill-building in gardening and environmental awareness.
Promoting Outdoor Activities: Encouraging a healthy lifestyle through active engagement with nature.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Your support can help transform this vision into reality. By contributing to the Windgap Sensory and Active Living Garden Project, you’re not just donating to a cause; you’re investing in a community. Every contribution brings us closer to creating a space where inclusivity, wellbeing, and growth thrive.

Donate Today

Together, let’s build a garden that’s more than just a space; let’s create an experience that enriches lives, fosters connections, and celebrates the abilities of every individual in the Windgap community. Your generosity can lay the foundation for a brighter, more inclusive future.