Day Programs

day programs

 Day Programs

Day Programs provide people with an opportunity to participate in and be valued by their community. People with a disability enjoy a range of meaningful activities including: life skills development, adult education, job skills, community participation, recreation and leisure. We aim to ensure that the person and those who are important to them are central to the way we operate. People are assisted to design a service which is catered to their unique aspirations and requirements. We hope to continually improve and refine the service by listening  to the person and their family, and learning from them.We operate primarily in the Eastern Suburbs but currently, we support people accessing programs as far afield as Parramatta, Sutherland and Liverpool.

Windgap is eligible to provide services for people with access to:

  • Community Participation
  • Transition to Work
  • Life Choices
  • Active Ageing


Renata Story

Renata is a talented artist who has pursued her passion over the past three years with support from Windgap’s art teachers. Renata combines her talent for art along with a literacy program in which she writes a story to accompany her artwork. Renata enjoys telling her story to friends and family. Besides art and writing, Renata enjoys social outings with her friends and going to the cinema.

“I love art, because I can do it independently and enjoy myself,” says Renata.

  Taku Story                                                                  

Taku is a young man in Windgap’s Community Participation Program. He has been focusing on learning a range of independent living skills such as: cooking, shopping, banking and using public transport. Since joining the program, Taku has moved into his own place and enjoys being active in his community.”I am happy at Windgap. The staff are nice and I have lots of friends,” says Taku.

Marie from Day Programs talks about her experience after receiving The Supported Living Fund

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