Supported Employment Growability

Growability Garden Crew

Our purpose built, fully functioning warehouse is one of our Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE) to provide supported employment to adults with intellectual disabilities.

Growability provides Supported Employment for people with disabilities, in residential and commercial lawn mowing and garden services within the community.

Windgap is dedicated to providing people with disabilities an opportunity to earn an income and receive real on the job work experience, skills training and all the benefits thatcome with employment and working in a team.

Supported Employees receive the training and support needed to be successful in their role by our professional team leaders, who work with each individual’s talents and skills.

Work Experience and Skills Training

There are many roles within the Growability team, providing employees with a range of experiences, roles and development opportunities.

Lawn Mowing and Garden Services

• Lawn mowing and edge trimming
• Leaf blowing, branch and waste removal
• Planting, weeding, pruning, trimming, fertilising
• Other garden maintenance, improvements and upkeep tools, education on plant varieties, garden care and maintenance.

Training and Experience

• Training in using a lawn mower, leaf blower, whipper snipper, wheel barrows and pressure washers
• Customer service
• Work Health and Safety

Professional Development

Depending on the interests of employees, we also partner with TAFE NSW to provide onsite training for qualifications.
The current TAFE certification we have on offer is in Horticulture.

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Why choose Windgap’s Supported Employment Services?

Windgap fosters an inclusive workplace environment, providing a range of part time roles available for participants in our Supported Employment Services.

Participants who wish to develop their independence, employability skills and individuals who enjoy working in a caring and social team environment benefit the most from Windgap’s Supported Employment Services.

What employment and training programs does Windgap currently offer participants?

Windgap currently offers three main training and employment opportunities for participants within our Supported Employment Services as well as within our School Leavers Employment Support Program.

  1. Commercial warehouse roles within our Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE) team work across areas such as assembly, picking, packing and work health and safety skills training.
  2. Gardening and garden maintenance within our Growability team.
  3. Catering, hospitality training and skills development within our Tukka Box Café team.

What can local businesses do to support our employment programs?

Local businesses can also benefit from partnering with Windgap, including commercial manufacturing and distribution companies who have unique packing requirements for their products.

Other clients and partners benefit by providing opportunities for our teams to fulfil their service requirements, including laser cutting and engraving services, gardening maintenance, warehouse picking and packing, and catering services.

Windgap also encourages a range of volunteer programs such as Corporate Volunteering which provide professionals and retired professionals with unique opportunities to share their skills and give back to their community.

What other services can Windgap provide for your business?

As well as warehouse packing, garden maintenance and catering, we also offer custom laser cutting and engraving services for glass, wood, metal and plastic items.

Bespoke designs such as engraved trophies can be ordered for your events, items cut to size or shape as required and laser engraved with personalised messages.

Please contact our Service Team for a quote.