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At Windgap we provide a range of opportunities for you or your business to support Windgap.

You can help improve the lives of adults with disabilities by sponsoring one of our events, purchasing a Wish List item or by donating.

With your generosity we can continue to provide the best in programs, services and support, to ensure adults with disabilities can live life to the fullest.

Why is our work so vital?

Over half a million Australians have intellectual disability and a majority (61%) of those people have a severe or profound limitation in ‘core’ activities of daily living.

Most Australians have little understanding of what living with an intellectual disability means to an individual or to the family or carer. The everyday tasks that most of us take for granted such as being able to communicate, buy groceries, get employment, make friends or simply getting out to do the things you love – are all often major challenges.

Physical health and well-being issues, depression and isolation are also significant issues for adults with an intellectual disability. In many cases, many adults with intellectual disabilities spend a lot of time at home and only with their primary carer.

At Windgap, we pride ourselves on providing quality programs and support to foster independence, empowerment, learning and development; to enable each individual to give them a voice to help reduce barriers, expand their choices and reach their full potential within the community.

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You can find out more information on our website about the many ways to support us. If you’d like to talk to us about other opportunities or to make an enquiry, please contact us.

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