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Please note: there have been some changes to our programs and services as a result of COVID-19. Please click here for our latest updates or contact us.

Windgap’s School Leavers Employment Support (SLES) is our program dedicated to training, preparing and supporting young adults with an intellectual disability progress into employment or a career.

We offer a range of skilled professionals and programs designed for job readiness, including real on the job work experience, skill training, personal development and nationally recognised qualifications.


Work Experience and Skill Training

Hospitality Experience

Windgap’s Tukka Box Café provides coffee, lunches and catering for our employees and participants working and training onsite at our head office.

Participants receive on the job experience and training in:

  • Barista coffee making skills
  • Food preparation – from sandwiches to hot meals
  • Catering
  • Customer service
  • Working as a team
  • Money handling, using a cash register and EFTPOS machine
  • Hygiene and cleaning practices
  • Work Health and Safety training
  • Opportunity to receive further qualifications through TAFE NSW

Warehousing Experience

Our purpose built, fully functioning warehouse is a hive of activity as we receive, package and deliver goods to local businesses and companies.

There are many roles within the warehouse, providing participants with a range of jobs and skill development.

Participants can receive training and experience in:

  • a range of equipment including compactors, pallet jacks, pallet wrapping, and shrink wrap machines;
  • picking and packing;
  • quality control; and
  • Work Health and Safety training.

Personal Development

Depending on the goals within each individuals NDIS plan and their personal interests, we also partner with TAFE NSW to provide a range of onsite training and qualifications.

The current TAFE Certifications we offer include:

TAFE Certification in Horticulture
Learn about all aspects of landscaping, using a range of tools, education on plant varieties, garden care and maintenance.

TAFE Certification in Catering
Learn about following a recipe, measurement, kitchen equipment, food handling, and food presentation.

Supports in Employment

We also work with each individual to uncover new skills and talents, and provide a range of personal development programs to aide in finding and keeping a job.

These programs are designed to prepare the individual for job searching, interviews and other on the job skills including:

  • computer and technology skills;
  • communication and social skills;
  • working in a team and in a new working environment;
  • travel – getting to and from work;
  • literacy and numeracy programs;
  • how to manage your money;
  • health and self care programs;
  • resume writing; and
  • job interview skills.

Benefits of our Programs

Every individual is different; with varying skills, talents and interests, so we provide a person centred approach every step of the way.

The many personal benefits and outcomes include:

  • on the job experience and training in a real workplace;
  • increased independence, confidence and self esteem;
  • healthy eating and wellbeing practices;
  • team building skills;
  • organisational and time management skills;
  • learning how to budget and manage money;
  • opportunity to experience success and job satisfaction;
  • participation and contribution to the community;
  • meeting new people and forming friendships; and
  • an opportunity to potentially earn an income.

What does the NDIS fund?

Under the NDIS, those students who have finished year 12, SLES will be available as a ‘reasonable and necessary’ support within your NDIS plan.

SLES supports are only available to NDIS participants who are ineligible, or are unlikely to be able to work in a Disability Employment Service.

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