Sponsors and Supporters

A big thank you to all our corporates, sponsors and supporters!

With your support and generosity we continue to make a difference and ensure adults with intellectual disabilities live life to the fullest.

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Sponsors and Supporters

Many thanks to:

  • The Tesoriero Family
  • Dr Richard Ng
  • Della Pin & Ervin Zurell
  • Joanne O’Neill & Cate Wallace
  • The Kelso family
  • Artist, Kurt Koeppl
  • Matt Thistlethwaite, Kingsford Smith MP
  • Marjorie O’Neill, Coogee MP
  • Matt King
  • Maggi Brown
  • Kay Van Norton
  • Susan Jones
  • Danny Yeung, Meissen Properties
  • Rebecca Garofoletti – Video Producer