Volunteers have played and continue to play a huge part in Windgap’s growth and ability to provide quality programs to our service users. This has been the case since our birth. We value each and every person that has donated some of their time in any capacity to participate and support us in anyway.

Volunteering is open to everyone and at Windgap our volunteers come from a diverse range of backgrounds, professions and ages, each bringing with them a priceless bag of treasured skills and experiences. Such diversity encapsulates one shared commonality – a genuine desire to provide a range of opportunities for people with a disability so that they can exercise their right to actively participate in every aspect of society, consequently enriching their lives and empowering them as individuals. Whether achieved via directly engaging with clients or assisting from “behind the scenes” within our organisation, your contributions will always make a difference.


volunteer 02

“Rugby League is built on teamwork. People believing in and trusting each other.

As the head coach of the South Sydney Rabbitohs I’m constantly looking at ways of building this trust and belief. Having my players volunteer their time at Windgap has allowed me to see how certain individuals work within a team away from the footy field.

I also have a belief that humility is a great human characteristic, and seeing my players interact with the Windgap clients is a true example of young men being humble.

Trust, belief and humility builds great cultures and my players spending time at Windgap has helped me grow this within my team.”