Commercial Barista Coffee Machine

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Commercial Barista Coffee Machine


This sponsorship package includes the purchase of a new commercial barista coffee machine for our Tukka Box Café, which will support participants in our School Leavers Program and Supported Employees.

Outcomes of this sponsorship include:


  • Supporting young adults with an intellectual disability progress into employment or a career
  • On the job experience and training in a real workplace to learn how to be a Barista
  • Increased independence, confidence and self-esteem
  • Provides the opportunity for our participants to learn how to manage money
  • Opportunity to experience success and job satisfaction
  • Participation and contribution to the community
  • Provides the opportunity for our participants to meet new people, build social skills, form friendships and an opportunity to potentially earn an income

Our Wish list programs, equipment and initiatives are all about providing Windgap participants the opportunity to become more empowered, independent, develop life skills, and participate in meaningful ways within the community.

Each Wish List item comes with a sponsorship package which includes promotional and PR opportunities to recognise your involvement and support of Windgap.

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