Disco Bingo!

Welcome to Staff Disco Bingo!


Date: Friday, 24 September via Zoom

Time: 6.50 – 7.50pm


  • Disco Bingo is where our host Dolly plays 30 seconds of a song for you to mark off on your chosen disco bingo card.
  • Attached below are disco bingo cards for you to print/copy. There will be two games played in our session.
  • Choose 1 card you want from each of the two games below. Just one card! Do not download all of them.
  • If everyone downloads the same card it doesn’t matter. If two or more people yell bingo then strict dance off rules apply!
  • Please turn on your screen for this event. Come with a costume change and dress to impress!
  • Have wigs/hats/costumes/hairbrush on standby for some breakout lockdown dancing – woohoo!

2 x 30 Minute Games

First Game

Second Game