Garden Makeover by Horticultural Course

With your help, we can make a difference

Garden Makeover by Horticultural Course


Support our Horticultural Course and our Gale Road Supported Living home by sponsoring this garden makeover project.

Outcomes of this sponsorship include:


  • Empowering adults with disabilities to reach their full potential;
  • Provide skill development and continued learning to progress towards additional work experience or a career in garden maintenance;
  • Provide an accessible and beautiful outdoor space for our participants to live at one of our Supported Living homes
  • Development of a sustainable vegetable garden for our Supported Living residents to maintain and enjoy!

Our Wish list programs, equipment and initiatives are all about providing Windgap participants the opportunity to become more empowered, independent, develop life skills, and participate in meaningful ways within the community.

Each Wish List item comes with a sponsorship package which includes promotional and PR opportunities to recognise your involvement and support of Windgap.

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