Vacancy Available – Franklin St, Chifley




This upcoming property will be a 4 bedroom and one single unit group home specifically crafted for individuals with disabilities. With a proposed robust design classification under Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), this property is tailored for supported living.

Featuring large bedrooms, 2 living areas and fully accessible bathroom, this home offers ample space and thoughtful features for ease of use. The patio and garden offer an inviting outdoor space to enjoy.

Accessibility is a top priority, with wide doorways and level flooring to ensure easy movement for individuals with disabilities. The robust design of the property also ensures added safety and security for residents, providing peace of mind. With a mid-2024 target completion date, expressing your interest early is key to securing your spot in this modern and accessible group home.

Note: To live in this group home you will need to have Supported Independent Living (SIL) funding included in your NDIS Package.

We would love to hear from you! To register your interest, please call Grainne on (02) 8337 3622 or via email –

Features of the property


  • Four large bedrooms and one single unit
  • Two bathrooms
  • Two living areas
  • Central air conditioning & heating
  • Energy efficient

Lifestyle highlights


  • 24-hour support staff
  • Tranquil and convenient location
  • Brand new spacious home
  • Excellent accessibility
  • Close to public transport


What is SIL funding?

Supported Independent Living funding (SIL) is the funding given to the provider to provide 24/7 support within the group home 7 days per week. It provides support/supervision to the individual to complete the tasks of daily living. It provides support to the person to participate in the running of their home and community activities. It helps the person to live as independently as possible.

What is not covered by SIL?

  • Rent, Board and Lodging
  • Transport
  • Household budgeting re: personal activities
  • Expenses related to holidays
  • Personal care supports if hospitalised
  • Items covered in other sections of the NDIS price guide

How do I get SIL funding?

Have a Goal in their NDIS plan relating to seeking housing (either first or second goal).

Engage an Occupational Therapist to develop a Functional Assessment Report. They will often require around 15-20 hours of funding from the Improved Daily Living category. This report will need to address why a person is unable to access other suitable housing options (social housing/private rental). If a person is currently living with family the report needs to identify why this is not sustainable (for example aging parents).

Psychology/GP report indicating that from a psychological perspective the person is a suitable candidate for supported living environment.

A Support Coordinator will also need to submit a detailed Housing Solutions Report that summarises all the information and identifies transition plan for move into supported living.

Engage with a Provider who has a vacancy.

What is SDA funding?

Specialist Disability Accommodation funding

Looks at the bricks and mortar of the home

Focusing on accessibility of the property and on-going maintenance

There is an eligibility assessment and it is currently estimated 6% of people in the NDIS are eligible for SDA

What happens if I have no Funding?

In order to get appropriate funding the participant is required to have a goal in their NDIS plan relating to seeking housing. This needs to be listed as either the first or the second goal.

Once this goal has been identified the NDIS should then provide funding in the Improved Daily Living and Support Coordination to allow for the appropriate report writing.

If you have not listed this as a goal but are seeking accommodation you can apply for a “Change of Circumstances” with the NDIS.

Important information

Pre-planning and preparation of reports can take up to 6 months. If Supported Living is a goal for your family member please start the process now.

Windgap is available to offer you advice throughout the process.

Register interest by completing our enquiry form or contact (02) 8337 3600 or complete a Residential Intake form.