Windgap Conversations

Wow! What an amazing display of talent and a tribute to a wonderful musician. After the loss of David Bowie, clients and staff at Day Programs held a tribute art session. With his music playing in the background, clients drew amazing portraits of the music legend, really capturing his persona in truly beautiful fashion.
X Krissy's Story
"I love being at Windgap. I have fantastic friends and fantastic staff. I was featured at Bowen Library. I received flowers"
I have attended Windgap for a long time. I remember starting out at the cafe, now I attend Day Program. I remember making drinks at the cafe. I like to study and do my books at Day Program; I'm learning how to trace my family member's names. I have lots of friends at Day Program; I have known some of them for many years. My favourite thing to do at day program is to cook. Staff are assisting me to do lots of cooking this year. I also love music, dancing, animals and art.

With Windgap, I have attended a lot of musical events in the community. I love to get up and dance at these. We have recently set up a "Glee Club" at our program. I lvoe learning new dance routines at this, especially Elvis ones. My favourite animal is a donkey, and we try to organise different outings every month to farms. I recently got to see reptiles from Symbio Wildlife Park.

I am also a very talented artist. I've been working on art pieces for a few years. Last year I had an exhibition with other people at my day program. This year I hosted my very own Solo Exhibition. My favourite part of the exhibition was the lovely food. I have not yet decided what I will do with the money I make from my paintings.
X Gail's Story
"I chose the Home because I love the animals so much"
Gail lives in one of Windgap's group homes and after working many years at ADE as a supported employee, recently retired. She is the new representative to the Board for Residential Services and has also been volunteering at the Sydney Cat and Dog Home for 3 years. This is Gail's first volunteering job and she loves it.
X Bobby's Story
"My dream is to be a lawyer and make a difference"
Bobby is a great example of how a culture of listening and responding to people's individual interests, hopes and reams through the new Holistic Support Plan (HSP) process can transfer into real fulfilment.

Bobby has long expressed an interest in legal television shows and in becoming a lawyer. As we know, what is on TV and what happens in real life often quite different, however it is hard to know this without real life experience. So to begin the process of getting Bobby acquainted with a real life legal office, it was arranged for Bobby to visit Kingsford and Redfern Legal Centres. The main aim of this endeavour was to truly uncover what it was that so intrigued Bobby about the area of law and how we could turn this into meaningful work both in our ADE and into open employment for the future. The result of Bobby wanting to help people came from him spending time with legal establishments. He is passionate about doing the right thing and wanting to keep people safe. So we put our heads together and thought that he should run for the new Supported Employee Representative to the Board of Directors. So, as it happened, Bobby was not only able to actively campaign his peers in wanting to be the person who raised their voice to the board, but he was successful in doing so and is now the board appointed representative for ADE. this is along with the fact that Bobby is our incredible captain of the Windgap Warriors.
X Lisa's Story
"I want to expand on my skills and Windgap helps me do that"
I have been in Windgap for 10 years. When I came to Windgap, I went to Day Programs in Coward Street, and then I came to ADE. I like cooking and I do cooking in the "Tukka Box Cafe" which is in the ADE. I make spinach triangles and I used to make fruit salads with Catherine.

I like this site. The work I do is not too hard for me. It is a perfect challenge. I get along with my support person. In ADE, I do some work and I also help with the office skills sometimes. In the future, I want to go and work in the fruit shop. I got offered a job and I will hopefully start to work there.

I like reading books such as; The Little Mermaid, Snow White and Mickey Mouse. I am looking forward to my holiday with my family. My favourite thing to do is to work in the garden. I want to grow some seeds and plant some flowers and some vegetables. Windgap is a ncie site; I want to expand on my skills and Windgap helps me do that.
X Victor's Story
"I am proud to represent my friends and be a voice"
Victor is 63 years old and has worked at Windgap for over 40 years. Victor took up painting about ten years ago, and when he joined Life After Work, he decided he wanted to exhibit his paintings.

Victor recently sold "Rainstorm" for $500 to an admirer of his art from Newcastle, Jo.
X Graeme's Story
"I play an important role in shaping Windgap. I am proud to be an employee representative"
Graeme joined Windgap as a teenager and a student who was attending Windgap's Special School. Since those very early years, Graeme has been a part of Windgap and witnessed the growth and development of the Windgap Community. In 1973, Graeme was one of the first employees to commence work in Windgap Enterprises, which continues to provide employment for over 60 supported employees. Graeme moved into Windgap Residential Services in 1983 and lived at the Windgap Cottages in Little Bay. He continues to be a very much loved resident at our Bega House. Graeme was part of the official opening of the Bega, purpose built residence in June 2015. Over the past 33 years of Graeme's residency, he has been involved in many other aspects of Windgap's services. Graeme took an active role as a member of the Individual Planning Program committee whose function was to develop the (IPP) personal planning tool and provide ongoing input into its development - a pre cursor to today's Person Centered Planning and Holistic Support Planning (HSP) processes. More recently, he acted as the Client Representative for Residential Services to the Board of Directors - a role he held in high regard - following in his father's footsteps who for a period of time was a Board Member. Graeme is known as Windgap's greatest Bulldogs fan and he is loved for his sportsmanship and his great sense of humour.
X Garrin's Story
"My dream is to open my own cafe"
My dream is to open a cafe. I want to serve nice coffee, pastry, cakes and treats. I've learnt a lot, a lot, a lot of things at Windgap. I'm thankful they have helped me feel so comfortable since I moved from Melbourne also.

Garrin is a budding pastry chef and star in the making honing his skills at Windgap Skilled To Work. He is also currently doing a patisserie course at William Angliss Institute. We can't wait to visit his cafe when it open its doors in the future.
X Tim's Story
"I have grown so much in confidence. I also make a great flat white and mocha"
My favourite coffee to make is a mocha. I like to put a smile on every coffee and wish everyone a great day. I've grown so much in confidence.

Tim has grown in leaps and bounds and become a local favourite Barista at Mr. Espresso by Windgap. In his time at Skilled To Work, we have seen a wonderful transformation, as he now projects a confident presence along with the best coffee making skills in the South Eastern suburbs of Sydney.
X Craig's Story
"I love to help mentor my friends. I also love the Rabbitohs"
Craig is an alumni member from our Making Airwaves Radio Show. He loved his time as an anchor so much that he wanted to pass on his learnings to the next generation of hosts. Craig is now a mentor for the new edition of Making Airwaves, a title he proudly holds, together with being our goal saving machine for the Windgap Warriors!